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 About Us

Our family fell in love with the Schnauzer breed while caring for a friends family pet while they were on vacation.  Their dog stole the heart of our children and captivated our hearts as well.  We could not believe how well tempererd the Schnauzer was while playing with our 11, 9 & 4 yr old.  When the dog returned to his own family we felt a deal of sadness and started our search for the family Schnauzer, MUCH to our surprise we feel in love with the Miniature Schnauzer!  
We first fell in love with Cooper.  As we played and loved on him we soon realized our family with three kids, had enough love to go around (not to mention one child claimed him for himself) next we found Diamond, and later came Sweetheart..
These Schnauzers are our family pets, we love them, play with them, and they join us for a nightly family walk.  They are SPOILED... and we LOVE it...
There are no kennels here........ Just LOVE for Schnauzers....
The upcoming puppies will have the kitchen area until they are up and running, then they will enjoy the run of the house.  We will also work with the puppies to become doggie door trained for their new family. 
Our dogs are raised on NuVet Plus.The puppies receive a great deal of nutrition from this supplement  while in "Utero" and through the mothers milk. 
This Human Grade supplement is then given to our puppies when they began to eat on their own. We include servings in their"New Puppy Kit".  Just a few days after starting our dogs on Nuvet Plus we noticed a shinier coat, clearer eyes, and ourdogs love the taste, it is the best "treat" to give them.  This supplement eliminates Hot Spots, Allergies, Itching, Scratching & when given daily it helps protect the dog against Free Radicals. Use our BREEDERS code for an instant savings of 15% off retail price AUTOSHIP  program from Nuvet Labs Direct.
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