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All of our dogs receive NuVet Plus made by NuVet Labs daily. NuVet Canine health supplements are a precise combination of human-grade, natural vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants, bioflavonoids, fatty acids, and amino acids proven to provide immune system support.  NuVet Plus contains natural ingredients with no artificial colors or flavors.  This naturally healthy supplement is synergisitically formulated to maximize the longevity and quality of your dog's life. We believe our holistic care that includes a healthy diet and NuVet Canine Health Supplements contribute significantly to the over all health and well being of our Miniature Schnauzers.  
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Why Strengthen Your Pet's  Immune System every day?

To help shield them from all of this:

·         Backyard Pesticides

·         Fertilizers

·         Bacteria Viruses: attack your pet’s immune system
·         Carpet Backing: contains formaldehyde,tuolene, benzene, 

·        Pet Foods: containing hormones, pesticides, meat by-products, grain and corn

·         Household Toxins: floor cleaners, bug killers, air freshners, household mold

·         Pet Treats: loaded with sugars and fillers which can lead to diabetes and liver problems.

·        Mouth Toxins: 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have periodontal disease by age three, from toxins dumping into their bloodstream.

·        Seasonal Allergies


NuVet Plus Heals & Protects your pet from:

·         Allergies

·         Skin and Coat Problems

·         Scratching, Itching and Biting

·         Hot Spots

·         Arthritis- Joint Problems

·         Premature Aging/Low Energy

·         Diabetes-Liver Problems

·         Cancer

·         Cataracts

·         Tumors

·         Digestive Problems

·         Heart Disease


Safe /Natural /Water Soluble (easy on the stomach) People are surprised at how quickly and easily this works!

GUARANTEED to eliminate your pet’s ailment - or your money back!

Help KEEP YOUR PET HEALTHY throughout his/her life by strengthening the immune system!

It has been proven that nutrition plays a vital role in the longevity and quality of dog's lives.  Our mission is not to make money from selling vitamins. we simply want to enable as many dogs as we can to have long and healthy lives.  We do these things because we love dogs.   

From Puppy through Adulthood
Read below for the stage your pet is in. 

Pet Stages

Puppies and Kittens:

The excitement of a new puppy or kitten can be made all the more joyful when they are made comfortable and well taken care of. When a new pup or kitten  is ready to leave the litter, usually between 6 to 8 weeks, it’s important that certain needs be met which will help them bond with their new family.

Just like a newborn child, puppies and kittens need food, water, a warm place to sleep plus lots of love. Commercial and raw food diets can leave big gaps in their nutrition. A quality nutrient supplement will provide essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes crucial for developing pets. The first two years of a puppy and kitten's life are critical for building a strong immune system, bones and organs.

NuVet Plus® is a scientifically formulated nutritional supplement that helps to ensure the proper development of young dogs and cats in several crucial ways.

1. Boosts the immune system.
Puppies and kittens need a healthy immune system, which is responsible for defense against disease and infections. NuVet Plus® contains Blue Green Algae which is a very rich chlorophyll source and has been shown to enhance the health of the entire body, strengthen the immune system and promote intestinal regularity.

2. Strengthens the Cardiovascular system.
A young canine or feline needs a strong heart to power all that energy. NuVet Plus® contains Evening Primrose Oil, which is high in gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an essential polyunsaturated fatty acid that promotes cardiovascular health.

3. Fortifies Bone Structure.
Puppies and kittens, like children, require strong bones to support their active lifestyle. A new pup or kitten that can stand, jump and run must depend on their nutrition to give them a healthy skeletal structure. NuVet Plus® uses Oyster Shell which has the proper ratio of quality Calcium and Phosphorus for optimum absorption. Along with Magnesium, these are the vital elements for the structural framework of bones.

4. Promotes a healthy Nervous system.
NuVet Labs® knows a kitten and a puppy’s developing nervous system needs help to stay healthy which is why we make sure to include Vitamin B3 (Niacin) as part of our formula. B Vitamins are essential, and B3 promotes growth and proper functioning of their growing nerve network.

5. Supports healthy Glands and Organs.
Growing pets need real nutritional sources and one of the best comes from 100% Chicken Liver found in NuVet Plus®. Paddle dried to maintain full potency of its Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamins A, C and B Complex, NuVet Plus® provides essential nutrients to fuel red blood cells and make your pup’s or kitten's internal organs strong.

NuVet Plus® is the best nutritional supplement for young canines; perfectly balanced to provide the most effective fundamental and essential ingredients that can help defend your new puppy from toxins, nutritional deficiencies and common illnesses. 

Dogs and Cats in their Prime

Now in the prime of life, your dog or cat require more complete nutrition to sustain their active lives than can be found in commercial foods . Fully developed dogs and cats have different needs than newborn kittens and pups or even aging pets because at this stage they require nutritional support that can help them fuel their metabolism while protecting them from the onset of illness and disease.

Your dog and cat at this age start to exert their bodies, running, jumping and playing at full speed. Their muscles, organs and bones work at peak performance, which means they require a plentiful supply of vitamins, minerals and proteins to supply nutrients that can sustain their abundant energy levels. Their bodies have now gone beyond the development stage and their nutritional needs are more tuned towards maintaining their prime health for as long as they can.

NuVet Plus® promotes a healthy life for your pet by providing key whole food source ingredients that are human grade and focused on prevention, and by strengthening their body to fight off the free radicals that can attack them and damage their defenses.

1. Proper Vitamin & Mineral Intake.
Vitamins A, B, C and E, along with Iron, help fuel hemoglobin and myoglobin with oxygenated red blood cells. Vital for energy production and healthy immune system, NuVet Plus® provides a good source of Iron to help your dog “run like the wind.” Phosphorus aids the body in the utilization of vitamins, and conversion of food to energy. 

2. Complete Mineral Balance. 
Phosphorus works with calcium to build bones and teeth, and aids the body in the utilization of vitamins, and conversion of food to energy. Excellent for keeping your dog on the go and in the prime of their life. Potassium Citrate is important for a healthy nervous system and regular heart rhythm. It assists in the prevention of strokes, aids in proper muscle contraction, and works with sodium to control the body’s water balance.

3. Healthy Metabolism of Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates.
Zinc is a component of almost one hundred enzymes involved in metabolic processes, most of which work with the red blood cells to move carbon dioxide from the tissue to the lungs. It helps canines and cats in their prime with injury recovery and promotes wound healing. Vitamin B (Pantothenic Acid) assists in the release of energy from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. It also aids in the utilization of some vitamins, stimulates growth, and aids in the formation of antibodies.

NuVet Plus® is the prime choice for nutritional supplementation to help your dog maintain a healthy body, shinning coat and a life full of energy and fun. 


Older Dogs and Cats

Just like their human companions, dogs and cats in their later years have nutritional requirements that when met, will help them prevent illness and disease helping them live long, happy and productive lives. Senior felines and canines have a greater need for nutritional support of bones and joints, as well as for particular vitamins and amino acids that can detoxify the blood and continue to strengthen their immune system.

For older dogs and cats the importance of providing nutrient support for eyes, ears, nerves, joints and intestinal track is vital. Poor hearing and eyesight can cause your dog to become overly conscious of their actions, making them skittish and uncomfortable. Bladder and bowel control is more a matter of internal health problems than an inconvenience. Additionally, good skeletal support is essential for older dogs and cats, just as it is for people.

NuVet Plus® and NuJoint Plus® have what it takes to protect your senior cats and dog from the ravages of time and illnesses and maintain their health for many years to come. These supplements are the result of over 8 years of scientific research and development with the goal to create a nutritional product that can target, control, and eliminate the source of health issues, control or eliminate them and keep your pet strong and happy for many more years to come.

NuVet Plus® is the culmination of 8 years of research and development, formulated with the goal of creating a nutrient formula that would go beyond mere vitamin replenishment and instead provide a full spectrum nutritional supplement that focuses on the root cause of illness and disease while boosting your pet’s immune system and overall health. It contains vital ingredients that have been shown to promote healing and longevity.

NuJoint Plus® is a premium natural anti-inflammatory hip and joint therapy and uses only the highest quality pharmaceutical, human grade ingredients like Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and Vitamin C, which are specifically compounded in our FDA approved laboratory for maximum potency and effectiveness.

1. Proper Digestion.
Digestive enzymes ( like Papain and Alpha Amylase) are key ingredients for proper food breakdown and assimilation. Alfalfa is considered to be a very nutritious herb, and is used to increase appetite, alleviate certain allergic reactions and help poor digestion. In its naturally balanced form it can help absorption of nutrients, and neutralizes intestinal track acidity. In conjunction with Blue Green Algae it can help heal intestinal ulcers, liver disorders, high blood pressure, Anemia, body breath odor, and cancer.

2. Energy Levels.
Chicken Liver
is good for anemia and aids in building healthy red blood cells. It is known to increase energy, fight liver disorders, and help relieve stress in the body. Whey Protein provides another excellent source of protein and is critical in building and maintaining muscle mass and other necessary metabolic functions.

3. Resistance to Disease.
Beta-Carotene is converted to Vitamin A and becomes a powerful free radical scavenger in the body. Free radicals are known to damage healthy organs and cause a variety of health problems. Shark Cartilage contains collagen and glycosaminoglycans. This combination makes shark cartilage a powerful anti-inflammatory and wound-healing agent that is non-toxic and has no known side-effects. Studies performed at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology have shown that Shark Cartilage contains a protein that impedes the formation of blood vessels to tumors.

4. Proper Organ and Nerve Function.
Selenium is an essential trace mineral that is able to inhibits the oxidation of lipids (fats) and has been found to function as a preventative against the formation of certain types of tumors. Vitamin B12 maintains fertility, promotes normal growth and development, and prevents nerve damage by maintaining the fatty sheaths that protect nerve endings.

5. Healthy Joints and Mobility.
Oyster Shell is extremely rich in Calcium, the major constituent in the structural framework of bones. Iron is necessary for the formation of hemoglobins and myoglobins (a type of hemoglobin found in muscle tissue). Iron deficiency can cause weakness, anemia, digestive disturbances, fragile bones and hair loss.

6. Strong Immune System.
Blue Green Algae is a very rich chlorophyll source and has been shown to enhance the health of the entire body, strengthen the immune system, promote intestinal regularity and the healing of wounds, boost hemoglobin production and help purify the blood. Taurine (Feline formula only; dogs make their own) plays a vital role in maintaining the correct composition of bile and solubility of cholesterol. It is also an antioxidant immune regulator and has also been found to be necessary for chemical reactions that produce normal vision.

In many cases our dogs are just like us.  They lack several important vitamins, and minerals.  Where do we go for help? I received a "GREAT" Tarter Control Dog Food from my Vet.  I was eager to try this formula and "hey it came from my Vet." I researched the ingredients and found this formula contained ground peanut shells... it is wood, this material is also used to make paper...I would not eat paper.  Many companies use "fillers" that we would NEVER EAT...That is why your pet needs a Supplement, a HUMAN GRADE, ALL NATURAL Supplement.  No MATTER WHAT brand of dog food you are currently feeding your dog they are missing ALL that they NEED to thrive.  They are not building their Immune Systems to be healthy and protect them against illness, and disease. Just like we must take vitamins, as we lack the essentials in our diets.. Many dog foods have "JUST ENOUGH" of the main ingredients to be on the market.While brands "claim" a well balanced diet is in their bag of food, your pet is missing out on so much more!  Your pet may even be allergic to some ingredients in their diet and you may not even notice.  Dry, Itchy, Red Hot Spots, even Upset Stomach, Loose Stools are an indication.  NuVet Plus taken daily helps protect your pet from the long term illness' by building a HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM.  While building their Immune System, this Supplement puts an end to skin irritations. Protect your pet. This formula is available for both Cats & Dogs.   I believe in it, as it has worked for so many pets around me.  I know it will work for you. Put an end to your pets flaky, dry skin and help to nurish it with NuVet Plus.  Call me with any questions or e-mail me.  I would love to answer any questions.  If you are ready to try the product send me an e-mail. I know many products state, and claim several things, I have seen this product improve my dogs. I know you will be happy with the results, I pass along my order code so that you are able to receive our breeder discount. I believe in saving money and you should be able to as well.There is up to a 15% discount.     



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Keeping your pet safe is an uphill battle. That is

why it is so important to strengthen your pet's

immune system every day with NuVet Plus!



Please note that NuVet Plus supplements are required as part of your pet’s Health Guarantee.




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